2011: The Season in Six


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For the Love of The Game….or Money?

I’m still recovering from that Green Bay Packers loss to the New York Giants who went on to win SB46 on February 5, 2012 against the New England Patriots only to hear that Peyton Manning will leave Indianapolis Colts and join……wait for it, wait for it……DENVER BRONCOS?!?! Huh! So what will Tim Tebow do? Oh don’t worry about him he will join Rex Ryan’s team. What? Isn’t that Mark Sanchez’s territory? Oh snap I smell war. Steamy locker room war. Nah these are big men and they only think about two things: their game and the fans so there will be NO war just games baby. Wrong again….before all of this there was the New Orleans Saints and a ‘bounty’ scandal. The ‘allegations’ are that some team members were paid by the management of the New Orleans Saints to illegally hit players from other teams and the bigger the hit the bigger the money. This shenanigan went on for a while and subsequently they won SB44.  Shame! Shame on you Sean Payton, Gregg Williams and Mickey Loomis for condoning such an act. Now look what you’ve done. The team is fined $500,000 and their second round draft picks are stripped for this year and next year and the team is left without a head coach for one whole season, maybe the best head coach they’ve ever had.

Goes to show: “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil”.

Speaking of money, I heard that Peyton Manning was paid a great sum to join the Broncos. Is this true? And if so why didn’t Mr. Elway renew Tim’s contract and give that money to him since he is a up and coming quarterback, promising I might add. If you read my blogs you would have realized that I am a die-hard Colts (have they gotten a QB over there yet?)/Manning fan but I am not in favour of this move. Tim Tebow had a marvelous season ending and can only get better for this 2012 season and for Broncos owners to just cut him off like that proves that they had no confidence in him from the beginning. And what of Mr. Manning? He is aging, has had major neck surgeries last year preventing him from throwing one football for the whole season. I’m not the manager of any team, I’m not a coach, I don’t think I could even make a good game play but even I would know that that’s a dumb call, *blows whistle*….that’s a penalty on you John Elway (forcing the quarterback out of play). All I can say is good luck to you in the Broncos camp.

So Tim will move on to the New York Jets and Mark will………well we don’t know what Markie will do just yet but we hope they will work together for the good of the game. That said, I can’t wait for the season to begin. I will be quitting my night job in August just in time for the start of the season and the TV and I will live happily ever after….or at least until February 2013.

Happy reading everyone.

Winners, Losers and The In Betweens

It has been 20 days or 3 Colts games since I last blogged and  unfortunately I’m not surprised at the results. The Colts are 0-7. Oh me oh my what an unlikely position for the team to be in at this particular time in the season.

This very impressive team, coach and all has fallen back so badly that its not funny, at least not anymore. The Colts team has always been an impressive team from the time they were called Baltimore Colts up to last season. When Tony Dungy took over the team in 2002 he led the Colts to a 10-6 record before losing in the Wild Card round at the New York Jets, 41-0. Peyton Manning became the first NFL player with four consecutive 4,000+ seasons, while Marvin Harrison set the NFL seasonal record with 143 receptions and became the only NFL player with 100+ receptions in four consecutive seasons.

Dungy finished as the only coach in Colts history to post 10+ wins and earn playoff appearances in seven straight seasons. In 2009, the club was 14-2 and became only the third team to start a season 14-0. The club extended its records to seven consecutive seasons with 12+ victories and with a winning streak exceeding seven games. Jim Caldwell took over and tied the rookie mark for seasonal victories by an NFL head coach, and he earned the most consecutive wins to open a season and a career by a first-year head coach.

The club set league marks for most consecutive regular-season wins (23, 2008-09) and most regular-season decade wins (115, 2000-09). Indianapolis defeated Baltimore, 20-3, and the New York Jets, 30-17, before falling to New Orleans, 31-17, in Super Bowl XLIV in Miami Gardens, Fla. So I asked what happened? The Colts offense have been dangling by a thread for a while and now its seems as if that thread has broken.

There is NO defense, NO offense, heck there is no fence at all.

I watched most of the game last night (Oct. 23) against the New Orleans Saints in excruciating pain. I now tell myself I should have stopped watching when the Saints scored 3o something points. Actually a friend of mine did. Coach Sean Payton could have stayed home with his broken leg and coached his team from his bed with only a cell phone against the Colts. Touchdowns here, tackles there, more touchdowns, touchdowns everywhere. I have not seen such high TD scores since the NBA season ended in June not to mention passing yards. Drew Brees, Saints quarterback completed 31 of 35 passes for 325 yards and a five touchdowns. That team set a franchise record for points and went on to defeat the Indianapolis Colts 62-7. My head is still spinning from all those blocks, tackles, sacks and TDs.

Week 8 is fast approaching and my team faces the Tennessee Titans in Tennessee next Sunday and I am still praying and hoping for a win. Except for the Dolphins, Colts and the Rams every team has had a win so far, so congratulations to you and your teams and happy watching.

Four Weeks and Counting……..The NFL!

The world of sports is so unpredictable its not funny. I have been watching the games in the NFL since preseason and have noticed the obvious, that, the defending champions of the Vincent Lombardi Trophy the Green Bay Packers is working very hard to retain that trophy. They have won all their match-ups since the regular season has started making their stats 4-0. I must say that I am impressed so far with Mr. Aaron Rodgers and the team for keeping it together and playing the way they are.

I am a Colts fan, always have been, always will be even when they are in dire need of some points to get them on the NFL stats board. But who are we kidding? When will they get there? If not now, then when? Are we waiting on Peyton Manning to return to get the job done and why should we? I love Peyton Manning. In my opinion he is the epitome of what a quarterback should be but he’s only human. He will get hurt, he will get injured. Shouldn’t there have been a contingency plan in place in the event that Peyton gets hurt, injured or God forbids, retired? Is coach Jim Caldwell telling us that he cannot or wont find (draft) a real backup quarterback to take the team the next level because obviously Kerry Collins and Curtis Painter are not making an impression on me or the sports stage for that matter. To date the team is 0-3. In 57 years of National Football League competition, the Colts have achieved a 460-409-7 record, including four World Championships and 18 Conference or Divisional titles and we would like to improve on those figures.  I don’t think that the franchise is addressing their biggest need – a quarterback. They drafted 2 Tackles, 1 Running Back, 1 Corner Back and 1 Defensive Tackle in the 2011 Draft Season all to protect Peyton Manning, but Peyton Manning isn’t playing; at least not yet. Until then I guess we just sit and wait for Mr. Manning to recover fully from surgeries and return to game we all love so much.

With that said I am hoping for a win tonight (October 3) against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Happy viewing.