Impotent Government!

Enquiry here, enquiry there, enquiry everywhere! The latest one to be established to ‘enquire’ about the billing process of the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited. Really? Now? After so many years of being robbed by the company? Why didn’t the government carry out this inquiry when they had more say in the company’s affairs?

First let us distinguish the difference between the words enquiry and inquiryEnquiry is used when asking a question or seeking information. Inquiry is for official investigations, e.g. the government will hold an inquiry into fuel prices. So from the information that is been put out by the media the government will be establishing a commission of enquiry. In other words the Government of Jamaica will be calling JPS to ask them about the billing process and why the bills to the customers are so high? Right?

Some customers have expressed their disgust at JPS and warrant that we wear black on Friday dubbed – JPS Black Out Fridays – as a show of solidarity. I understand the anguish that you are feeling, heck I feel it too but what will wearing black do? What will we accomplish by doing this? Will the bills be decreased? I think not. We have seen events like this take place in the past with absolutely NO positive results. Companies carry out wrongs against their customers, customers wear and hold up placards to show their disgust for a day, nothing happens and the next day everyone goes about their business as if nothing happened. The solution is to stop using JPS’s electricity. But wait….we do not have an alternative!

The Jamaica Public Service Company has been operating under a monopolized policy ever since the government began selling shares. Therefore the citizens of this country have no alternative but to use the power supplied by the JPS. There is no renewable energy source and no other power company to supply electricity which makes us susceptible to been charged exorbitant amounts of money on our bills. Mr. Michael Dingwall in this morning’s Gleaner (August 18) stated the fact that, quote: “The JPS’s electricity generation facilities are grossly inefficient, outdated and costly”, end quote. I challenge you Mr. Government to tell us something we don’t already know.

It is full time that the leaders of this country stop pussyfooting around and actually do things to make this country a first world one as they say they would like. Where is the proposal for LNG? What is happening at Wigton Farms? Why are we stagnant when it comes to developing our country? Simple, the government is impotent. They do not have the cojones to make decisions that have long term effects for the benefit of the country they proclaim that they love so much. There always has to be a monetary benefit for them. If this behaviour is continued the people will always be enslaved to the government and their selfish tactics.


JPS, Government and OUR Electricity

Mr. Damian Obiglio, President and CEO of Jamaica Public Service Company Limited, et al, in today’s Gleaner stated that the government, in this case represented by Mr. Audley Shaw, Minister of Finance should either roll back or revise the 10% G.C.T. on electricity. Mr. Saunders stated that, quote,

“The problem has to be addressed in an immediate time frame because the manufacturers are suffering, agriculture is suffering, everybody is suffering.”

I would like to inform Mr. Obiglio and Mr. Saunders that the Jamaican public has been suffering long before the 10% G.C.T. was ever introduced. Our bills came HIGH and we had to pay because, as Mr. Obiglio stated, if we did not they (JPS) would disconnect. The 10% G.C.T. is just an addition to an already high bill. So basically the public is been victimized both ways.

I recently had to call the JPS and asked what am I conserving for since I’ve been doing so from the time I acquired a meter with no results. My bills have been increasing for the past three (3) months and I have been consuming less. I have gotten rid of most of my appliances so I know for a fact that I should be paying less. I use fluorescent bulbs as the JPS suggests, I turn off everything and unplug them before I leave my house, I use the appliances that I need when I need to. I am currently only using electricity burned by my television, light bulbs and a fan still my last bill was increased. I spoke to a gentleman yesterday and he was complaining about the very same thing. He mentioned that he has truly been conserving, especially last month yet his bill was increased by $2,000 and this man’s bill is way more than mine.

I am watching to see if my bill will be increased again next month because if it does then I will be going to Azan’s to purchase a lamp and some candles and kerosene oil in the supermarket.

This madness and victimization of the public has to stop soon. Most people I know including myself are working so hard just to pay utility bills. After those bills are paid there is little or no money left to buy food; to use in case of medical emergencies; for education for the children and the list goes on.

I suggest Mr. Obiglio, Mr. Saunders and the government stop playing the ‘blame game’ and consider the plight of the Jamaican society. We want to help but you give us No, absolutely No alternatives.

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