Pies and Wines

Pie Passion Company Ltd is a small pie making company located in Kingston, Jamaica. We create decadent pies of all sorts made from a wide variety of ingredients. If you are a ‘creamy’ kind of person we have Creamy Peanut Butter Pie, Strawberry Cheesecake Pie, Creamy Banana Pie and much more; and for the ‘fruity’ kind of person there is Cherry Pie, Cherry Strawberry Pie, Berry Medley Pie and our signature Pineapple Peach Passion Pie and because we are Jamaican we do well to include a seasonal Otaheite Apple Pie.

Like every other food has its own pairing wine so do pies. Pies are desserts and desserts are usually sweet so to pair perfectly we recommend a glass or bottle of Moscato or a Reisling. At Pie Passion we offer a package which includes a bottle of Moscato or Reisling with your choice of pie at a reasonable cost. So the next time you decide on having dessert, think of Pie Passion, call us at 294-1957 or email us with your order at piepassioncoltd@gmail.com.

Ribbon Pudding Pie with Strawberry Topping

Ribbon Pudding Pie with Strawberry Topping