Hobbies and such……

I have a few unusual hobbies. One such is playing scrabble. I love playing the board/word game and do so every chance I get. Did you know that CWM can be played? My second hobby is collecting wines and music. I love wines and music to the core of my being, red and whites alike, Rose`s and all; R & B, Soul, a little Jazz, Reggae because I AM Jamaican and many more genres. Don’t you just love opening a bottle of Mirassou Pinot Noir or a bottle Robert Mondavi Pinot Grigio at dinner while The Whispers Greatest Slow Jams Volume 2 plays in the background? Splendid.

Speaking of wines, my third and most unusual hobby is collecting wine corks. I have collected (and still collecting) quite a few corks with no intention of what I would do with them. They were just sitting there on my dining table when a friend who was visiting me suggested that I put them in a vase and voila!


Making the most of wine corks

Making the most of wine corks


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