Friendship Unlimited

“How could you ask if we could still remain friends after what you’ve done. Of course not. No we cannot remain friends. Some things are unrepairable so please, be on your merry way”. These are words often uttered by persons who thought that they had a best friend, that they had a true bond with another person male or female that wasn’t an  intimate one. The word ‘friend’ is often thrown about carelessly without any regard to feelings, knowledge of the person being called friend or even consensus. Consensus? you ask…..yes consensus. Consensus between/amongst the parties involved. Too many times I’ve heard one person say that they are friends with someone when the other person does not feel the same way. That cannot be called a friendship. The word ‘friendship’ is defined as ‘a relationship between friends…..another definition is ‘a person attached to another by feelings or affection or personal regard who gives assistance; patron or is a supporter.

If the friendship between two or more individuals is genuine then it is endless, unlimited. There are no boundaries as it relates to the ‘legal’ things one would do for the other. Sorrows as well as joys are shared, support is received and support is given.  Not all friendships last simply because one person might expect too much of the other and vice versa or one friend keeps on giving support but cannot get any when needed. After all one hand cannot clap.

I have seen so many friendships dwindle to nothing because there is a lack if trust, actual friendship, honesty and dependability. Sometimes you take a step back and analyze the situation and yourself, you even wonder to yourself, “Am I to be blamed for this?”, and maybe (sometimes) you are to be blamed, maybe both friends are to be blamed. In the event that this happens, take my silly advice and remedy the situation before it escalates out of hand. Make a telephone call, visit the person, please, make amends. If the friendship is genuine then all involved will accept the intervention and make amends.


2 thoughts on “Friendship Unlimited

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  2. Exactly its very true that friend a are very precious so so much and we need always to be i touch and assisting one another in times of all in the life;
    We ought to know that once a friend always a friend forever.Cheers always friends .

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